History of Team Handball in the USA

1972 Olympics: When Team Handball was reintroduced at the Summer Olympics, the USA qualified a team for competition. Due to a training program with the US Army the USA team was principally composed of Army soldiers. For some the incentive to make the Olympic Team had the added bonus of avoiding a tour in Vietnam.

1984 Olympics: The US had it's best performance at these Olympics in Los Angeles

The Czechoslovakia Experiment: No this is not a sequel to the minor cult film, the Philadelpia Experiment, but probably one of the most interesting attempts by the US to fully develop a competitive National Team. From 1990-1991, the US National Team lived and trained full time in the Czechslovakia and even participated in the 1st Division Championship. This program, which on paper sounds like it was loaded with potential, failed to produce significant tangible results.
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